40 Years of Experience

Not only have we been making deliveries to all of Cape Cod for 40 years, we want to advise you on best practices to keep your bait healthy and make sure you don't run out.

Won't leave you hanging

We make multiple deliveries to all of our customers every week during the season. Getting bait once a week isn't enough, particularly when suppliers run out. We will come to you multiple times every week so you never run out. If we are short, we will come EXTRA days to keep you stocked.

Multiple weekly deliveries also means you aren't selling bait thats a week old and aren't forced to gamble on what the entire week has in store. Focus on the next couple days instead of the next week.

We Pack our own Frozen Bait

We have been in this business for a long time and we know what sells and we know how important appearance is to retail customers. We spend the first few months of the year packing up our own frozen bait for you, so you can sell a clean and presentable product to your retail customers.

Service First

We pride ourselves on offering the best service from start to finish. From advising you on how much you need, to keeping it alive and moving the most product. We can help you be successful and keep coming back for years to come.

We keep immaculate records and can tell you what you have been doing business wise previous years for any particular weekend, plus the weather and anything else that was going on that could influence your demands.

Freshwater Bait

Nightcrawlers (by the cup with fresh peat moss)
Nightcrawlers (by the flat of 500)
Trout Worms
Meal Worms

Saltwater Bait

Sand Worms
Live Eels
Mackerel (Vacuum-Packed or Bulk)
Local Whole Clams (Vacuum-Packed, by the pint or by the gallon)
Herring (Vacuum-Packed or Bulk)
Squid Strips
Vac Pogies
4 Gallon Chum
Bionic Ballyhoo
Sand Eels
Green Crabs


Pumps and Aerators
Peat Moss
Nightcrawler cups and lids
Sea Worm Boxes (so you can pack by the dozen)
Bait Tanks
Bait Saver (keep your bait healthy)